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Sigma Control 2


Integrated intelligence: The next dimension

Sigma Control 2: Integrated IntelligenceIntegrated Intelligence

Sigma Control 2™ is our most advanced compressor controller, combining safe and efficient internal supervision of the compressor with important information and maintenance friendly features. The operator interface offers easy access to all compressor settings and information. This new controller provides a broad range of capabilities and at the same time is simple and reliable.

Sigma Control 2: Protection for your EquipmentProtection for your Equipment

Our control provides full time protection for the compressor. It monitors critical parameters and safely shuts down the machine to avoid component damage. It stores the compressor alarm and operating history, aiding in faster trouble-shooting and reducing unscheduled downtime. The RFID feature provides secure access to the control menus, preventing unauthorized access and tampering.

Sigma Control 2: Superior Energy EfficiencySuperior Energy Efficiency

Sigma Control 2 is pre-programmed with multiple user selectable control profiles (Quadro, Vario, Dual, Continuous and Dynamic) to meet a wide variety of operating preferences. The precision electronic pressure sensor enables tighter switching differentials for further savings.
Sigma Control 2: Flexible CommunicationsFlexible Communications

More and more customers desire the ability to remotely monitor or control their compressed air systems. The Sigma Control 2 was designed for maximum communication flexibility. Our built-in web server and Ethernet port (standard) let you view your compressor from any PC with a standard web browser. The open architecture makes it easy to integrate the compressor into existing plant-wide monitoring systems utilizing optional communication adapters such as Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, and Profinet.
Sample Compressor Communications Network   

Example of a compressor communications network

Click on the image to enlarge and view details.

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Sigma Control 2

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