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Rotary screw compressor with direct drive 125-450 hp



Models: DSD to FSD series
Horsepower: 125-450 hp
Capacities:  544-2052 cfm
Standard pressures 80-217 psig

FSD 450 rotary screw compressor

Maximum efficiency and reliability have long been synonymous with Kaeser Compressors. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually enhance and optimize our compressed air system solutions. With a cutting edge research and development team committed to producing industry leading products, Kaeser constantly strives to offer lasting solutions for our customers' compressed air needs. The DSD - FSD series rotary screw compressor delivers on all accounts.


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Rotary Screw Compressors with Direct Drive: Specifications
SeriesRated Motor PowerCapacity at 125 psig
DSD 125 / DSD 150 / DSD 175 / DSD 200 / DSD 250125 hp to 250 hp595 cfm to 1052 cfm
ESD 250 / ESD 300250 hp to 300 hp1278 cfm to 1571 cfm
FSD 350 / FSD 450350 hp to 450 hp1596 cfm to 2030 cfm


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ASD, BSD, CSD Series
25 to 125 hp, direct drive
DSD, ESD and FSD Series
125-450 hp, direct drive
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