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Rotary Screw Compressors
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Small air compressors with belt drive from 3 to 30 hp


Kaeser's line of small rotary screw air compressors is suitable for machine shops, auto repair and collision work, and anyone needing an efficient and reliable compressed air system.

SX to AS Series
Horsepower: 3 to 30 hp
Capacities: 8.8 to 141 cfm
Standard pressures: 80 to 217 psig

SX 5 shop compressor, belt drive

Versatile V-belt drive

Kaeser screw compressors with V-belt drive are economical, efficient, and reliable. The automatic tensioning device ensures excellent transmission efficiency over the life of the unit and reduces maintenance costs. Screw compressors with V-belt drive are especially flexible if an increase in working pressure becomes necessary.

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Screw Compressors with Belt Drive: Specifications
ModelRated Motor PowerFlow Capacity at 125 psig
SX 3 / SX 4 / SX 5 / SX 7.53 hp to 7.5 hp12 cfm to 28 cfm
SM 7.5 / SM 10 / SM 157.5 hp to 15 hp32 cfm to 55 cfm
SK 15 / SK 2015 hp to 20 hp71 cfm to 88 cfm
AS 20 / AS 25 / AS 3020 hp to 30 hp99 cfm to 141 cfm

CAGI Performance Verification Program StickerCompare Compressor Efficiency with CAGI Data Sheets

Energy efficiency has been tested and confirmed by an independent laboratory as part of the Compressed Air and Gas Institute's Rotary Screw Compressor Performance Verification Program. Kaeser compressors are up to 30% more efficient than some competitors' models. See our CAGI data sheets.

Debating between a piston unit and a screw compressor? Click here to learn more about the advantages of a screw compressor or use the form below to download the whitepaper.


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SX, SM, and SK Series
3 to 20 hp compressors and AirCenters
AS Series
20 to 30 hp
Piston v Rotary Screw Compressors
A Short Comparison
Infographic: Piston vs Rotary Screw USINFOGPVSS
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