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variable frequency drive (VFD) compressors, SFC models

Sigma Frequency Control



Models:  SFC 8 to 515
10  to 690 hp
(8 to 515 kW)
Capacities: 10 to 3037 cfm
Standard pressures: 80 to 217 psig

Kaeser's Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) compressors combine our Sigma Profile airends and revolutionary Sigma Control system with the latest in variable speed drive technology.  Kaeser uses large, optimized airends turning at slower speeds for more efficient performance across the entire speed range.  

In-rush current comparison for various starting methods   Soft starts
SFC units go from zero to full load without current spikes or excess heat rise.  This allows unlimited motor starts, and since the SFC drive yields a "near unity power factor,"  power factor penalties are also eliminated.

Variable Speed Compressors: SFC Series
ModelRated Motor PowerMin. Capacity at 460V, 110 psigMax. Capacity at 460V, 110 psig
SFC 8 / 8T10 hp13 cfm48 cfm
SFC 11 /11T15 hp22 cfm76 cfm
SFC 15 / 15T20 hp29 cfm98 cfm
SFC 18S /18ST25 hp33 cfm127 cfm
SFC 22S / 22ST30 hp33 cfm149 cfm
SFC 22 / 22T30 hp37 cfm163 cfm
SFC 30S / 30ST40 hp38 cfm185 cfm
SFC 30 / 30T40 hp46 cfm217 cfm
SFC 37 / 37T50 hp54 cfm254 cfm
SFC 45S / 45ST60 hp69 cfm288 cfm
SFC 45 / 45T60 hp69 cfm310 cfm
SFC 55 / 55T75 hp77 cfm374 cfm
SFC 75S / 75ST100 hp100 cfm463 cfm
SFC 90S / 90ST100 hp120 cfm509 cfm
SFC 110S / 110ST125 hp136 cfm618 cfm
SFC 75 / 75T100 hp129 cfm593 cfm
SFC 90 / 90T125 hp129 cfm698 cfm
SFC 110 / 110T 150 hp157 cfm799 cfm
SFC 132S / 132ST175 hp196 cfm917 cfm
SFC 132200 hp196 cfm980 cfm
SFC 160250 hp242 cfm1161 cfm
SFC 200270 hp303 cfm1305 cfm
SFC 250340 hp358 cfm1466 cfm
SFC 315S350 hp 314 cfm 1825 cfm 
SFC 315450 hp470 cfm2164 cfm
SFC 410590 hp368 cfm2615 cfm
SFC 515700 hp420 cfm3134 cfm

pressure   Precise pressure control
SFC compressors precisely control system pressure to ±2 psig using highly accurate sensors and the Sigma Control System to control motor speed. This eliminates "overpressurizing" and increases energy savings - after all every 2 psig saved in overpressurizing reduces power consumption by 1%!
frequency   Superior frequency drive system technology
SFC drive systems feature electromagnetic interface (EMI) filters and line reactors (SFC 22 and larger) for superior protection.  Drive cabinet cooling fans maintain proper operating temperatures even under extreme ambient conditions.  
EMC   EMI filter
SFC drive systems are designed with an electromagnetic interference filter that eliminates or isolates all feedback, and prevents high frequency electronic noise from entering the plant's electrical grid.
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SFC Series Compressors: 8 to 22ST
10 to 30 hp, belt drive with variable speed drive
SFC Series Compressors: 22 to 110S
30 to 125 hp, direct drive with variable speed drive
SFC Series Compressors: 75 to 515
100 to 700 hp, direct drive with variable speed drive
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